Made for face paced, click heavy action RPG's. The El Druin is the ultimate weapon against the hoards of Evil, and is has now dropped to aid Heroes click their way through the dungeons of Hell. Featuring the brand new Leetgion SPAD and Omni-Tuner, Heroes have all the control at their disposal! Heroes, take the mighty El Druin in hand, and fight Evil with awesome! Be Leet Game Hard!
When facing the minions of Hell and Evil, keyboard quick keys and your left right button is just not enough. You need to be able to dual-wield all your Skills Powers and Actions! What you need is the SPAD, short for Skill Power Action D-Pad! It's a fully programmable five way thumb key that gives fast access to skills without the need to memorize complex button placements. Everything you need is right at the tip of your thumb.   Introducing the Leetgion Omni-Tuner (Patent Pending), it's an all in one wheel for on the fly switching of profiles, DPI settings and more. Omni-Tuner controls are easy and intuitive, down press to choose your mode, then scroll up and down your profiles or DPI settings. Use one wheel to control them all.
In conjunction with the Leetgion Omni-Tuner, we introduce to you the DPI Micro Tune. With DPI Micro Tune, you can micro-manage your DPI to find the exact setting that's right for you. All of the control through one finger and on mouse, no hassle.   The world of RPG's and gaming is definitely not one-size fits all. Just like your virtual weapons of choice, the Leetgion El Druin is here to fit your play style. Featuring the Removable Palm Plate for adjustable size and grip, choose between two sizes and two different textures, your grip your style.
Dungeon Crawling is serious business. Not only do you need as many spells as you can, you need it in quick and ergonomic reach! The El Druin has a total of 12 fully programmable, macro binding buttons, all ergonomically placed, to keep your hands running fresh through the 16th level of Hell!   The El Druin features a dual LED lighting system, one for Omni-Tuner mode indication and one for Profile indication. Always be aware of your settings and Omin-Tuner mode.
The El Druin uses the sophisticated and proven Avago9500 Pro Gaming grade laser sensor. It is capable of DPI ranges of 100 to 5000, providing steady tracking perfect for click heavy games.   The El Druin's top quality Made in Japan Omron Micro Switches, are built to last and endure. Click your way through loot and victory!


/ Avago 9500 Laser Mouse Sensor (100 to 5000DPI)
/ Two Made in Japan Omron Micro Switches.
/ One Patent Pending Omni-Tuner for DPI Micro Tune and Profile Management.
/ Five Directional thumb SPAD.
/ Twelve Fully Programmable Hotkeys.
/ Four Custom Profiles sets (one default profile.)
/ Dual LED lighting cue system, for profile and Omni-Tuner Mode indication.
/ Four Removable Palm Plates for adjustable size and grip.
/ Heaven Plate Size: L 127mm x W 69mm x H 44mm
/ Inferno Plate Size: L 119mm x W 63mm x H 43mm
/ Weight: 120g


/ PC with USB port
/ Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP
/ Internet connection (for driver installation)
/ At least 80MB of hard disk space

Leetgion El'Druin Omni Tuner Hands on
Monday, Dec 17, 2012
  Mad Shrimps
Monday, Jan 28, 2013
As many of you are aware we were all caught off guard when recently Scythe one of the oldest CPU Cooler manufacturers ceased operations in the USA (and perhaps globally as well although i hope that's not the case). Personally i think that this was the result of them expanding their product line to several other areas other than just CPU coolers including speakers...   The El’Druin mouse design is quite unique compared to most regular gaming products on the market and as we have observed during the testing period, it takes a while till we get used to the new button placement. If we feel that the mouse is not comfortable, in most cases we did not choose the right palm rest....
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Monday, Feb 11, 2013
Thersday, Feb 14, 2013
Come abbiamo avuto modo di osservare negli ultimi tempi, sono ormai diverse le case madri operanti nei più disparati settori dell'informatica che hanno deciso di rivolgere la loro attenzione al mondo del gaming. Con tutta probabilità, la situazione economica e la diminuzione conseguente dei volumi di vendite hanno spinto molti brand ad intraprendere una strada che si sta rivelando, a tutti gli effetti, notevolmente interessante dal punto di vista finanziario......   Leetgion El’Druin is a uniquely designed mouse that differs from any other mouse available in the market. It offers some innovations like the newly designed programmable 5-way thumb key ‘SPAD’ and the all-in-one on-the-fly configurator ‘Omni-Tuner’. It is designed purely for RPG gaming and is aimed at that specific crowd. It is a treat for Diablo III players and is styled to include everything a die-hard Diablo III gamer would want....
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Monday, Feb 26, 2013
Monday, March 04, 2013
Bereits am Freitag traf ein finales Sample der Leetgion El'Druin bei uns. Wir holen den für RPG-Spiele optimierten Nager mit einem sehr eigenwilligen Design aus der auffälligen Verkaufsverpackung uns schauen.....   Leetgion(力景)是知名散熱器大廠Thermalright(利民)所推出的電競周邊子品牌。繼去年推出以Cherry青軸作為側鍵,蔚為話題之作-HELLION之後,今年推出一隻特別以暗黑破壞神III(DIABLO III)進行設計與優化的滑鼠-「El’Druin」。El’Druin兩側獨特的「萬向滾輪鍵」、「五向法術技能鍵」,以及充滿盔甲感的外型,相信又會再度引起各大論壇的熱烈討論.....
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Tuesday, Mar 5, 2013
Friday, Mar 1, 2013
Leetgion es una fabricante relativamente joven en el mercado de los periféricos para PC; enfocándose principalmente al área de los videojuegos. Su primera participación en el mercado data a principios del 2010 y desde entonces se han mantenido con un enfoque en la misma área......   去年曾開箱介紹過《LEETGION》的第一支滑鼠《HELLION》,《HELLION 惡狼》定位為RTS滑鼠左側鍵採用Cherry 青軸是一支非常特別的滑鼠,而在前陣子終於推出了另一支滑鼠《EL'DRUIN 正義之劍》也就是今天開箱的主角,這支定位為A.RPG類型使用的滑鼠 也是一支相當特別的滑鼠,預設的按鍵功能則是搭配暗黑III,那麼就讓我們來看看他到底有多特別吧......
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Thursday, Mar 14, 2013
Tweak Town
Friday, april 5, 2013
The El'Druin is a nice addition to gaming mice within its class. It stands out having a very unique design and innovative functionality. Now the mouse works out great for me personally, but itsure, the design and positioning of the buttons might not be everybody's cup of tea alright. It took me a while to get used to it. After a few days however things will go much faster as you will get the hang of things.......   Out of the box I found the El'Druin a bit different to look at aesthetically, but to be honest, I was a bit surprised to feel that it seems so natural under your hand. With the drop off in front of the mid-section before you reach the left and right click buttons, I thought it would feel a bit funky, but it really doesn't. Where I did find a bit of personal discomfort was in the palm plates. The Heaven plate is much closer to the height of the mid-section of the mouse and makes for a very comfortable feel, whether you use the painted one or the rubberized one, both suit this mouse very well.......
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Friday, May 11, 2013
Sekali lagi LEETGION memberikan kejutan kepada gamer diseluruh dunia dengan kehadiran sebuah Gaming Mouse yg kali ini dikhususkan untuk gamer dari kalangan RPG atau MMORPG. Ya, hanya kedua genre itu yang dapat memaksimalkan seluruh kemampuan dari mouse ini secara baik dan sempurna........  
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