Hellion, inspired by the popular StarCraft II unit is fast, accurate and deadly. This professional gaming mouse packs a world first, true mechanical keyboard keyswitch. Use the in mouse memory to keep your custom settings and profiles on the go, and fully driver independent. Together with unmatched quality design and components, the Hellion is the best weapon for owning your opponents.
In the heart of Hellion’s laser sensor engine sits the Avago9500 sensor. The Hellion’s laser sensor engine is capable of DPI ranges of 100 to 5000 DPI, and compatible to all surfaces. The Hellion moves both fast and accurate, perfect for all game types.   Cherry MX Blue Keyswitch packs unmatched durability of 50 million operations, distinct tactile feedback and superior control. No more soft and weak membrane key presses, on the Hellion its click and kill.
Besides packing the Cherry MX Blue, the Hellion’s dedicated attack key has more tricks up it’s sleeve. Hidden behind the button is an aluminum plate, used to provide extra stability, and truly mimics the engineering of a mechanical keyboard. The Attack key is here to replace keyboard hotkeys with nothing but the best. Making “hit and run” or killing tactics smoother than ever.   The Omron Japan D2F-F Micro Switch has long been the top choice of custom mouse modders due to superior quality, durability and feel. The crème de la crop of mouse switches.
Patent pending physical profile switch wheel, eliminates the need to rotate through multiple profiles. Turn to the exact profile you need, within the four fully programmable profiles. You’ll never lose track of which setting you are on.   The multi color LED system not only displays the current profile or DPI setting. The internal LED lighting system provides 16.7 Million color combinations. Set any color you want for the 4 programmable profiles. Match the Hellion’s lighting theme to your team, faction or class, show your colors!


/ Avago 9500 Laser Mouse Sensor (100 to 5000DPI)
/ Four Made in Japan Omron Micro Switches.
/ Cherry MX Key Switch Attack Button.
/ Six Fully Programmable Hotkeys.
/ Four Custom Profiles sets.
/ Four distinct LED lighting cues, for indication of the current profile.
/ Customizable 16.8 million color LED taillight for each profile.
/ On The Fly DPI Switching.
/ Size: 123 mm / 4.84” (Length) x 73 mm / 2.87” (Width) x 42 mm / 1.65” (Height) Weight: 105 g / 0.23 lbs


/ PC with USB port
/ Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP
/ Internet connection (for driver installation)
/ At least 80MB of hard disk space

Q1   Q2
Can the Hellion be used in games other than RTS games?   The Hellion has predefined profiles, is it possible to change the settings? How many profiles are programmable/customizable?
YES! The Hellion uses top grade components such as an Avago9500 5000DPI laser sensor which is worthy for any type of game such as FPS’s or MMO’s. With highly durable Omron (Made in Japan) switches underneath the programmable face buttons, the Hellion is perfect for all click heavy games. Not to mention a True Mechanical Keyboard switch on the side, ready for the most intense button mashing.   The predefined profiles are only presets. All profiles are programmable by the Hellion Configurator. In total there are Four Profile Slots which you can fully configure, and write directly to hardware. Ever had a multi-button mouse suddenly temporary lose keybinds due to driver hang-up? This will never happen to the Hellion as all keys are directly written to hardware, profile swap and profiles are fully functional even without drivers!
Q3   Q4
I’m interested in the mechanical key switch, but I don’t like the feel of the Cherry MX. Can I change to my own switch of choice?   Why doesn’t the Hellion use a customizable weight system? Isn’t this a standard for Gaming mice?
We advise NOT to switch any components on the Hellion. The Hellion has complex electronic components which may not function as designed if altered.   We did not incorporate this design because the Hellion is designed for RTS gaming. Usually in RTS games the lighter the mouse the better, for faster precision movement, where added weight may bog down controls. A custom weight system is nothing wrong, but may not be necessary for everyone.
France, Sunday, Nov 25, 2012
China, Thursday, Nov 22, 2012
La Leetgion Hellion est la toute première souris lancée par le constructeur taïwanais Thermalright, qui a créé une filiale Leetgion. De ce fait, nous avons voulu avoir un de leurs produits en test, et ça n'est rien d'autre que la Leetgion Hellion qui nous a été fournie ! Qu' a-t-elle de particulier ? Son look très futuriste, mais surtout, elle a été inspirée par Starcraft 2 ! Les fans seront les premiers à l'apprécier, surtout que la Leetgion Hellion dispose aussi d'une première mondiale, un Switch Cherry MX, directement prévu pour lancer vos attaques éclair .....   自从5年前键盘界重新引入机械轴设计,凭借较强的力回馈感受与清脆的敲键声,机械键盘基本成为了高端甚至顶级游戏设备的代言词。键盘可以使用机械轴,为何同是游戏操控设备的鼠标不能使用机械轴呢?LEETGION这个新兴品牌推出了一款名为“地狱犬”的产品,就让这样大胆的假设成为现实。 ...
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Spain, Tuesday, Nov 06, 2012
India, Friday, Oct 19, 2012
Hoy analizamos el ratón gaming Thermalright Leetgion Hellion, caracterizado por ser el primer ratón gaming en incorporar auténticos pulsadores mecánicos, al más puro estilo de los teclados de más alta gama.....   Not many people have heard of the brand LEETGION – an off-shoot of ThermalRight, who are much more well known for their quality CPU coolers. Similar to EpicGear who are GEIL’s gaming peripheral branch, LEETGION’s core focus is on top performing and innovative products in the gaming arena. This is what LEETGION have to say about themselves: ...
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UK, Thursday, Oct 18, 2012
US, Wednesday, Oct 17, 2012
Not many people have heard of the brand LEETGION – an off-shoot of ThermalRight, who are much more well known for their quality CPU coolers. Similar to EpicGear who are GEIL’s gaming peripheral branch, LEETGION’s core focus is on top performing and innovative products in the gaming arena. This is what LEETGION have to say about themselves:....   When I first heard about the Leetgion Hellion I was surprised to see that it had a Cherry MX Blue switch, (A Cherry MX button is a button on a mechanical keyboard like the Corsair K60/Tt. eSports Meka) I had to see & feel it for myself. ...
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UK, Sunday, Oct 14, 2012
South Africa, Friday, Sep 28, 2012
Leetgion‘s first venture into the peripherals market has been a successful one. Throughout testing, we were impressed with the Hellion‘s performance, comfort and ease-of-use. Built primarily to combat the tasks posed by RTS games, the Leetgion Hellion excels in a variety of gaming environments. Pre-defined and customisable button configurations, a convenient layout and the dedicated ‘Attack’ key give users the flexibility to operate a game in the manner that they desire....   Hellion, inspired by the popular StarCraft II unit is fast, accurate and deadly. This professional gaming mouse packs a world first, true mechanical keyboard keyswitch. Use the in mouse memory to keep your custom settings and profiles on the go, and fully driver independent. Together with unmatched quality design and components, the Hellion is the best weapon for owning your opponents...
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CHINA, Wednesday, Sep 26, 2012
US, Friday, Sep 25, 2012
2011年来,传统键鼠增长受挫,各大厂商转战游戏电竞。但是游戏鼠标的高DPI以及所谓的多按键被反复炒作,导致游戏鼠标市场出现一片疲软景象。市场无新元素加入,只看到广大厂家反复推出类似产品,导致同质化诞生,随之而来的便是厂家无耐玩家开心的价格战。因此作为外设专业品牌利民,推出了旗下第一款专业电竞鼠标“地狱犬”...   LEETGION, which is the new gaming peripherals brand of Thermalright, a reputable cooling systems manufacturer have released the first product named Hellion, built especially for Starcraft 2 lovers but not only. The mouse chassis is built from good quality materials, sports a high performance Avago 9500 5000dpi laser sensor and features a mechanical Cherry MX Blue "ATTACK" button on the left side, for performing specific actions...
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US, Tuesday, Sep 25, 2012
French, Tuesday, Sep 25, 2012
LEETGION is a fairly new company that started churning into the gaming gear business just a couple of years ago. Originating from Thermalright, a company with decades of expertise with PC hardwares, and one of the best providers of thermal solutions for the PC industry, LEETGION has a fairly nice bit of history, and prides themselves in providing the best in quality and innovation...   Premier produit lancé par le constructeur taîwanais Thermaright sous sa nouvelle marque gaming Leetgion, la souris Hellion a été conçue et inspirée pour les joueurs de Starcraft II. Une première souris signée Thermaright soit, mais pas des moindre sur le plan de l’innovation technique...
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TAIWAN, Tuesday, Sep 18, 2012
CHINA, Tuesday, Sep 18, 2012
首先先針對「Leetgion」這個感覺不好記也不好念的名字,中文名稱為「力景」,其單字組合意義是由 Leet 與 Legion 組合而成,意義是「菁英軍團」。其實我很少刻意去介紹一個廠牌的名字,不過這回這個產品實在太特別了,從名字開始就是一個特別的東西,使我不得不提一下…,Thermalright 身為電腦散熱產品的佼佼者,在電競市場已經發展到一定程度的 2012 年,毅然決然地踏進這個領域,可以想見是有備而來的...   首先先针对Leetgion这个感觉不好记也不好念的名字,中文名称为「力景」,其单字组合意义是由 Leet 与 Legion 组合而成,意义是「菁英军团」。其实我很少刻意去介绍一个厂牌的名字,不过这回这个产品实在太特别了,从名字开始就是一个特别的东西,使我不得不提一下…,Thermalright 身为电脑散热产品的佼佼者,在电竞市场已经发展到一定程度的 2012 年,毅然决然地踏进这个领域,可以想见是有备而来的...
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JAPAN, Sunday, Sep 19, 2012
POLAND, Sunday, Sep 16, 2012
CPUクーラーで「Thermalright」ブランドで有名な台湾Lea-Min Technologiesから、新たにゲーミングデバイス向けブランド「LEETGION」が立ち上げられることとなった。9月19日にも株式会社ディラックから、RTS(リアルタイムストラテジー)ゲーム向けに設計されたゲーミングマウス「HELLION」が、9,980円前後で市場に投入されることになっている。今回、発売に先立ってLea-Minから製品をお借りすることができたので、その実力を見ていきたい...   Marka Leetgion jest na rynku komputerowym od 2010 roku. Została stworzona z myślą o komputerowych graczach. Jej nazwa składa się z dwóch członów: Leet + Legion, co oznacza grupę elitarnych jednostek, które walką osiągają założony przez siebie cel. Nad produktami z tym logiem pracują dobrze nam znani inżynierowie firmy Thermalright, który przygotowują, na co dzień najlepsze systemy chłodzenia na świecie...
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ITALY, Tuesday, Sep 11, 2012
UK, Sunday, Sep 09, 2012
Come molti altri produttori che si affacciano per la prima volta in questo mercato, Leetgion punta sulla unicità di alcune caratteristiche, montando ad esempio un Cherry MX Blue per il tasto laterale del mouse, feature unica in questo genere di prodotti e utilizzando solo switch di qualità....   The Leetgion Hellion is billed as a dream RTS gaming mouse, lightweight, colourful with a innovative profile changer, the Hellion is definitely something new. Every now and then though, a mouse comes along with something new, never seen before in the history of mice, in the case of the Hellion, it is a Cherry MX mechanical switch...
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ITALY, Monday, July 09, 2012
KOREA, Friday, June 29, 2012
Leetgion è un giovane brand, che vede la luce nei primi mesi del 2010 dal ventre di Thermalright, ben noto colosso del settore Air Cooling. Il brand, nasce dall' accorpamento di due termini, "leet" appartenente all' internet-slang, che sta ad indicare un individuo dotato di capacità tecniche...   써멀라이트에서 처음으로 게이밍 시장에 진출하면서 내놓은 LEETGION Hellion(헬리온)는 일단 독특한 디자인으로 주목을 받겠습니다. 여기에 Avago 레이저 센서 적용과 폭넓은 DPI값 지원, LED 지원, 프로파일 지원 등 게이밍 마우스를 충족시켜주는 대부분의 기능을 담고 있어 매리트가 있습니다. 또한, 인체공학적...
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CCREVIEWS I 4.5 of 5
BELGUIM, Saturday, June 30, 2012
USA, Saturday, June 23, 2012
We can find some great similarities in this description with the mouse. It gives very good performance because of everything the mouse has to offer, plus, it doesn't cost that extremely much compared to other mice out there on the market. The mouse might not appeal awesome to some...
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USA, Wednesday, June 20, 2012
USA, Friday, June 15, 2012
The Best Mouse for StarCraft ever!
"I do play a lot of StarCraft and why I like about this mouse is that, it really has StarCraft in mind, I felt it." "With 5 dials bottom and the left attack hot key, you definitely can continually do other things with left hand on keyboard cause you can attack just with...
  So perfect the Hellion isn't it. It has it's drawbacks but for a totally new product by a new company it offers a fresh design which on many points, is better than the competition. Were it not for the paint finish and restrictive customisation it would be a gold contender. A silver award is a fantastic ...
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TAIWAN, Monday, May 28, 2012
CHINA, Sunday, May 06, 2012
光看到Leetgion這個新品牌可能大家覺得比較陌生,其實Leetgion是利民Thermalright旗下的電競品牌,沒錯,就是專門生產散熱器那個利民,他們在今年終於也成立了自己的電競品牌,不過人家可不是隨隨便便為了分食電競大餅才成立,而是要跟你來真的!光看今天要開箱的這隻惡狼Hellion,就大概可以感受到他們的認真...   对于第一次推出鼠标的厂家,这款产品可以说足够优秀了,相比一些国内低端的山寨厂,利民不会砸自己的牌子,毕竟整体实力在那里。虽然对于鼠标,它也算是众多"新厂"中的一员,而终究此"新"非彼"新"啊。 做工很"优秀",形状很"另类"(手感并不算另类),气质很"利民"(总觉得有点散热器的气质...
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USA, Friday, April 20, 2012
UK, Friday, March 16, 2012
The Hellion Gaming Mouse by Leetgion is a brand new product and so chances are that you will not be able to find it almost anywhere right now however the recommended price tag is set at around USD90 (so you can expect it for less in some areas). Many of you will almost certainly look...   Yes. I enjoyed my time with this mouse thoroughly and even upped my knifing kills considerably so watch your backs! Joking aside this was a joy to use, I have slightly large hands and the mouse felt very comfortable for prolonged periods. In 2D work it was easy to use, just set the mouse to default using...
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